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Learn how to release and receive the ministry of deliverance and conquer spiritual warfare in Kathy’s books. Discover how to move prophetically, led by the Spirit of God, and release the ministry of deliverance as Jesus did. If you are seeking deliverance, learn how to get free and stay free!

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    Who Is Speaking

  • Sale! Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan

    Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan

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    Identity Invasion | Indentifying Demonic Infiltration of The Soul

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Enjoy some of Kathy’s latest blogs & podcasts.

Healing from Mother’s Wounds

Healing from Mother’s Wounds

I was worshipping and contemplating mother relationships. I was hearing, live for heaven more than earth. Many people are hurt by parents' wounds, words that are said, and words they long to hear. Words hurt, and lack of words can also hurt. Growing up, people said my...

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