Kathy DeGraw Ministries

Receive advanced in-person and on-demand spiritual deliverance training to help you achieve your dreams and God-given destiny. You’ll learn to take dominion through spiritual warfare and annihilate the powers of darkness holding you back!


Deliverance and freedom are available for every believer through Christ. Find the resources you need to experience God’s freedom for your life & family. Get rid of your spiritual baggage now.

Training TOOLS

Gain the advanced knowledge and training necessary to experience God’s presence, inner healing and deliverance through on-demand eCourses, one-on-one mentorship, webinars and books.


Join us for a powerful prophetic encounter every Sunday night at 7 PM EST. Come expecting the fire of the Holy Spirit to be released, the captives to be set free, hope restored, and your faith ignited!

Your destiny depends on the action you take today! Learn the skills you need to conquer every fear, increase your faith, gain total freedom through deliverance, and prepare spiritually to go and take the Kingdom by force for our Lord Jesus! God called you to a higher position. I can help you get your breakthrough!


Hello friend. Jesus purchased your victory and gave you authority over all things so that you can live an abundant life now! I know. I went through what I call a spiritual warfare bootcamp where I spent two years of my life prostrate on my living room carpet, seeking Jesus and desiring to get to know the Holy Spirit. I know what it takes to get a breakthrough.

Those two years birthed my calling as a prophetic spiritual warfare and deliverance minister. My passion and Kingdom assignment is to empower people to get free and stay free by following the example of Jesus’ ministry and being led by the Holy Spirit. Let’s connect. I have so much for you. I’ve helped thousands gain freedom from bondage and start their journey towards their God-given destiny. I would be honored to help you start yours!

Kathy DeGraw Ministries is passionate about giving believers the necessary tools to walk in their full prophetic destiny!

Jesus was the master of discipleship and deliverance. These two aspects form the backbone of my ministry. In all that we do, we are led by the Holy Spirit to release His fire and power and enable believers to walk in the supernatural. God has anointed me to release the Kingdom prophetically through empowerment courses online and conferences around the globe. As I impart and activate His Word in the prophetic, chains of bondage break and God’s love is released. Faith is stirred. Hope is restored. And all those who have been rejected feel the Father’s love, acceptance, and shown their value in His Kingdom.

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