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When you need results, choose a minister that has helped thousands receive freedom through advanced deliverance training. You may need help with deep deliverance to cast out demons and strongmen as Jesus did. I’ve traveled the world helping to free people who’ve been held captive for years.

I’ve taken my most popular training sessions and put them online in an on-demand eCourse platform. I also offer help through mentorship, books and webinars.

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Training Courses

God has opened doors for me to travel internationally teaching and preaching. I have trained and established deliverance teams. I’ve also trained churches and groups in spiritual warfare, inner healing and deliverance.

When you enroll in an online eCourse, you’ll get the same lessons I teach around the world. Receive videos, teaching notes, and study questions with each course. You’ll also receive a certificate of completion after you finish each course.


Admitting that you need someone to stand by you for deliverance, to walk through the stages of forgiveness, or to restore trust because of rejection or abandonment is tough. This is especially true if you were hurt by leadership in ministry.

The Holy Spirit is our Helper and our Guide, but sometimes you need and desire someone to walk alongside you. You were never meant to go through the process alone. You need an experienced leader who can be patient with your situation. That’s where I can help you. The Lord has used me to help free His people, especially those who were severely rejected.

I have a heart to restore the “hard cases,” the lonely and rejected. I want you to know there is one ministry that will never reject you again. Come and let me mentor you personally so that by love, you will be led back to freedom.


My books were written with a major emphasis on deliverance and spiritual warfare. I not only teach you how to do it with practical step-by-step application, I will also give you declarations, practical exercises, and equip you to receive and release the ministry of deliverance. You’ll be empowered to gain freedom as you are led by the Spirit of God and work through the process.

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    Mind Battles

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    Prophetic Spiritual Warfare

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    Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan


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