Deliverance & Healing Ministry

Advanced Deliverance & Healing Ministry Requires A Powerful And Anointed Deliverance Minister

Thousands of people receive freedom from deliverance ministries. But what happens if you don’t? Your experience can either leave you frustrated, confused or worn out. Many times, you need an advanced deliverance minister to take you into deep deliverance to cast out the demon and strongman as Jesus did. God has anointed me to root out and destroy the evil powers of witchcraft, death, disease and principalities with evil powers. Not only will you get deliverance, you’ll be empowered to disassemble and disrupt all future spiritual attacks against you and your loved ones through my specialized training. It’s time to get rid of those mind-binding spirits that paralyze you. Make the choice today to receive your deliverance and freedom. It’s been long enough. You were called to do greater things!

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Deliverance Training

Deliverance ministry typically encompasses the casting out of demons or spirits in an attempt to solve problems related to specific demons. For example, if you are battling a spirit of depression, the deliverance minister will help to cast out the spirit of depression.

Deliverance ministries also focus on tearing down spiritual strongholds. They can help you to find inner healing. They can walk you through emotional healing due to trauma or generational curses. Deliverance ministers help you to claim victory in Christ over all enemies.

Just like the disciples of Jesus, deliverance ministers understand that demons are subject to them in the name and authority of Jesus. They operate in the authority and power of Jesus Christ to guide you into His truth and help set you free.

Walk in the victory that Jesus purchased for you. If you’ve tried to get freedom and deliverance and have not been successful, let me help you! I will not only help you get delivered, but I will teach and instruct you how to help others get delivered and set free through you!

Kathy DeGraw has been faithful in the vineyard of God’s Kingdom working to set the captives free. She understands the ministry of deliverance and how important it is for God’s children to eat the bread of deliverance.

Apostle Charles Green


Admitting that you need someone to stand by you for deliverance, to walk through the stages of forgiveness, or to restore trust because of rejection or abandonment is tough. This is especially true if you were hurt by leadership in ministry.

You were never meant to go through the process alone. You need an experienced leader who can be patient with your situation. That’s where I can help you. The Lord has used me to help free His people, especially those who were severely rejected.

I have a heart to restore the “hard cases,” the lonely and rejected. I want you to know there is one ministry that will never reject you again. Come and let me mentor you personally so that by love, you will be led back to freedom.


Prepare yourself for our powerful and anointed Sunday evening prophetic warfare encounter.

With over 15-years of deliverance ministry experience, my goal is to set the captives free. Come with expectation as I teach, minister and release prophetic declarative prayers to annihilate the enemy. Through the truth of His Word and the power of testimony, you will walk out of bondage. Come and experience the Holy Spirit’s fire and power.

Deliverance & Healing Ministry


Every person on Earth encounters spiritual warfare. You must understand how to effectively combat spiritual warfare using biblical strategies and Holy Spirit discernment to win your battle.

The Prophetic Spiritual Warfare Podcast will give you instruction and education so you can combat the powers of darkness to wage spiritual warfare successfully in your life. I’ll help uncover the enemy’s tactics through deeper teaching that exposes spiritual roots, witchcraft, and strongholds in your life. You will experience freedom as you activate your faith and take your God-given authority over the enemy.

Books on Deliverance

My books were written with a major emphasis on deliverance and spiritual warfare. I not only teach you how to do it with practical step-by-step application, I will also give you declarations, practical exercises, and equip you to receive and release the ministry of deliverance. You’ll be empowered to gain freedom as you are led by the Spirit of God and work through the process.

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