Prophetic Mentorship & Discipleship

Monthly Mentoring

Your membership includes: eCourses, private group webinars, weekly emails and limited personal interaction

Admitting that you need someone to stand by you for deliverance, to walk through the stages of forgiveness, or to restore trust because of rejection or abandonment is tough. This is especially true if you were hurt by leadership in ministry.

You were never meant to go through the process alone. You need an experienced leader who can be patient with your situation. That’s where I can help you. The Lord has used me to help free His people, especially those who were severely rejected.

I have a heart to restore the β€œhard cases,” the lonely and rejected. I want you to know there is one ministry that will never reject you again. Come and let me mentor you personally so that by love, you will be led back to freedom.

Whether you want to establish a ministry or want a strong spirit-led mentor, consider enrolling in my mentorship program. You’ll receive private live webinars with questions and answer sessions, encouraging text messages, prophetic insights, deliverance instructions and email access. CLICK HERE to check out or join my mentorship program today.

Mentorships Include

  • Weekly instruction via email communication.
  • Direct access to Kathy via email.
  • Webinars – Private webinars available. Q&A time.
  • Prophetic direction from Kathy as led by the Spirit.
  • Accountability and spiritual propelling. Learn to release the Kingdom of God within you!
  • Instruction on how to annihilate the demonic realm and combat spiritual warfare.
  • Transition your prayers to a powerful arsenal against the enemy.
  • Manifest your prophetic words!
  • Optional: Develop into an intern, team member, ministry leader, or volunteer with Kathy DeGraw Ministries!
  • Next Level Action Step (Optional): After completing all necessary training, move forward with Kathy to Apostolic Oversight and Ministry Activation

I am so overwhelmingly happy πŸ˜ƒ that through you and God, I took a step of Faith to find out about the Inner Circle Mentorship. I’ve gained so much knowledge, wisdom, and revelation and I know deep inside of me, I can and will be all the Lord has called me to be. I am so thankful and grateful to you for opening your heart to me to show and teach me all that the Lord has for me and what I can do through Him. The inner-circle warriors are filled with πŸ”₯ fire and the team truly inspires me and pumps me up. Kathy, you are amazing, very humble and you definitely have a passionate heart. ❀️❀️😘😘πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ₯°πŸ₯°


Inner Circle Student

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