Deliverance and Destiny Discipleship

Monthly Mentoring

Two intense mentorship programs! Join one or both! Release Your Destiny and/or Receive and Release Deliverance!

You don’t have to do life alone! Jesus said, “Go out and make disciples!” I believe deliverance and discipleship are both equally important! I want to help you gain freedom and then to be able to release that freedom to others!

I didn’t have anyone to help me walk in my destiny. I had to learn it all on my own. I spent two years of my life prostrate before the Lord. He has been my greatest teacher and instructor. He taught me how to minister prophetically led by the Holy Spirit. He gave me product ideas which launched into income and business ventures. He guided me every step of the way into and through ministry.

I don’t want you to have to do it alone. If what I learned can make your life easier I am all in! Let me mentor you to freedom or help launch and develop your destiny. Click here to check out or join my advanced deliverance and development programs!

Kingdom Development Mentorships Include:

Receive empowerment and launch into your God-given destiny! She will stretch you to activate your spiritual gifts and push you to grow spiritually. Kathy has activated people in ministry, helped them earn income through creating and selling a product, and given them the tools to start their own business. If you want someone to help you go to the next level spiritually, start a business or ministry, the Kingdom Development program is for you!

Available to both men and women! Comes with a student portal and private app!

  • Bi-monthly zoom meetings with group training. Q&A time. Replays available.
  • Direct access to Kathy via email and text messaging.
  • Student portal with all teaching videos and notes.
  • Bi-monthly assignments. Optional.
  • Prophetic direction from Kathy as led by the Spirit.
  • Accountability and spiritual growth. Getting that push you need!
  • Instruction on how to release the prophetic and yield to the Spirit.
  • Coaching on day to day life such as priorities, vision, and time management.
  • Manifest your prophetic words!
  • Tap into Kathy’s contacts to publish a book, write for magazines, and grow your sphere of influence.
  • Learn how to podcast, host a tv show and be a content creator.
  • Travel with Kathy and get hands-on experience and training.
  • Optional: Develop into an intern, team member, ministry leader, or volunteer with Kathy DeGraw Ministries!
  • Next Level Action Step (Optional): After completing all necessary training, move forward with Kathy to Apostolic Oversight and Ministry Activation and Ordination.
  • Yearly training events in Michigan with Kathy! (At your discretion.)

The Kingdom Development program and Kathy DeGraw Ministries have been nothing short of a divine connection from the Lord. The spiritual growth, deliverance, and instruction I have received from the Lord through Apostle Kathy has changed my life completely. My relationship with the Lord is stronger than it has ever been and growing daily. Getting to know Kathy and to see her in action, to be able to watch how she runs her ministry and how she responds to people and things around her from a spiritual perspective has opened up my eyes to see things with more spiritual understanding. The love and support from the people in this group and Apostle Kathy has been the biggest blessing. I have learned so much and am continuing to be stretched out of my comfort zone. Being a part of this community gives me confidence and perseverance to be able to achieve what God has called me to do.


Kingdom Deliverance Mentorships Include:

Get free and stay free! Be empowered to set the captives free! Are you in need of deliverance? Have you tried everything, but still feel bound in shackles and chains? Do you desire to set people free, but need to receive your freedom first?

Whether you need to receive freedom or want to learn the ministry of deliverance this mentorship is for you! Kathy takes a serious approach to equipping a mass army to release the ministry of deliverance.

In this mentorship, which is a two-fold course, at the same time she is releasing people into freedom she is empowering you to become a deliverance warrior and set others free!

  • Bi-monthly instruction via email communication.
  • Direct access to Kathy via email.
  • Webinars – Bi-monthly group teaching and prayer. Q&A time.
  • Prophetic direction from Kathy as led by the Spirit.
  • Breakthrough teaching and personal accountability.
  • Instruction on how to annihilate the demonic realm and combat spiritual warfare.
  • Transition your prayers to a powerful arsenal against the enemy.
  • Optional: Develop into an intern or team member and help Kathy minister at her events.
  • Receive Kathy’s teaching notes and study questions.
  • Become a deliverance minister.
  • Kathy to coach you how to start your deliverance ministry.
  • And more!

Join anytime and you will get all the back lessons, assignments, teaching notes, all available in a student portal you can access anytime!

She was delivering the python spirit and how it squeezes the life out of you. It has been squeezing my strength for years and causing me to be tired and have no strength. I am free now. I have life. Thanks so much for this ministry.


Are You Interested in Dual Enrollment?

When you enroll in Kingdom Development you will be sent a code to enroll in Kingdom Deliverance for a reduced price!

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