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Powerful and Anointed Deliverance & Healing Training

Thousands have received freedom from every chain of bondage through my deliverance training. Many times, you need deep deliverance to cast out the demon and strongman as Jesus did. I’ve taken my most popular training sessions and put them online in an on-demand eCourse platform.

God has anointed me to root out and destroy the evil powers of witchcraft, death, disease and principalities with evil powers. Not only will you get deliverance, you’ll be empowered to disassemble and disrupt all future spiritual attacks against you and your loved ones through my specialized training. It’s time to get rid of those mind-binding spirits that paralyze you. Take the next step toward your freedom and enroll in one of these powerful courses today.

The Ministry of Deliverance →

Deliverance from Witchcraft →

How To War In The Spirit →

Your Keys To Self-Deliverance →

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The Ministry of Deliverance eCourse

Every stronghold must be destroyed in the name of Jesus! Are you frustrated after receiving prayer and deliverance but still feel bound by the past? Have you pressed through believing for your breakthrough only to fall short of what you are seeking? Whether you are seeking individual deliverance or desire to minister in the area of deliverance allow me to empower you and set you free. I’ve trained churches, ministry teams, and individual people around the world with Prophetic Deliverance. I’ll train you to experience deliverance ministry the way Jesus taught and led by the Holy Spirit. When you follow the Jesus model, you’ll experience freedom and be able to set others free.

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Deliverance from Witchcraft eCourse

Witchcraft is at work all around you. With more than 1 million Americans who currently practice some form of paganism (wicca, ceremonial, brujeria, solitary, eclecticism) it’s critical to understand how the demonic operates to invoke curses, spells and afflictions that keep you in bondage. Whether you know it or not, those who practice witchcraft are out to destroy Christians. You and your family may be dealing with issues that come from the practice of witchcraft. You must sever and destroy these spiritual strongholds or you’ll never be truly free.

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Kathy DeGraw has been faithful in the vineyard of God’s Kingdom working to set the captives free. She understands the ministry of deliverance and how important it is for God’s children to eat the bread of deliverance.

Apostle Charles Green

How To War In The Spirit eCourse

Wage War Against the Enemy! Jesus won the battle and made a spectacle of the enemy. Continue to walk in the victory that Jesus purchased for you and learn the skillset needed to war in the Spirit. I’ll teach you the spiritual warfare basics, explain and define the spiritual realm, teach you how to identify demonic activity, and demonstrate how to overcome and conquer the attacks against you and your family. You will be able to stand strong and conquer the forces of evil. Use your God-given authority to win every battle that rages against you.

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Your Keys To Self-Deliverance eCourse

Deliverance through the Holy Spirit will help you get free and stay free! I’ve helped thousands walk through the process of self-deliverance and I can help you too. In this course, I’ll teach you my nine best self-deliverance techniques to lead you to freedom in the privacy of your home. You’ll learn to release forgiveness, receive forgiveness, break agreement with the enemy, to cast out spirits, identity and understand the root cause of your attacks, evict all fear from your life, and cast out demonic strongholds. You’ll also receive deliverance prayer to cast out demons to get free and stay free!

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Destroy Fear eCourse

You Must Destroy the Fear in Your Life! Fear is trauma. It wreaks havoc on your emotions. It also lures and draws you into thinking about the very thing you fear. Fear torments your soul as it grips you from the inside. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, you can gain freedom from the spirit of fear. My course will expose the lying spirit behind fear and help you discover how fear entered your mind and gained control. You’ll learn how fear operates in the spirit realm and how to bind the strongman behind fear. The goal of this course is to help set you free and keep you free. I’ll walk you through the necessary steps including self-evaluation and practical application to cast the spirit of fear out of your life along with all its accomplices. You’ve suffered enough. Allow me to help guide you through the process of destroying fear from your life once and for all.

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Generational Curses eCourse

There’s a high probability that you suffer or someone close to you will suffer from the pain of generational curses. A Generational Curse involves negative patterns from your family history that are repeated in your own life. It doesn’t have to be this way. God has a much better plan for your life! Generational Curses aren’t as easy to remove as speaking out and declaring one time, “All generational curses be gone, in Jesus’ name.” Curses must be destroyed at the root of the genealogy. God’s Word is Truth and it contains a promise. It says you do not have to inherit your parent’s sicknesses, emotional or mind-binding ailments. You can be free of the curse! I’ve helped guide hundreds to freedom. I can help you!

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