Be Love

Be Love Outreach was birthed out of Kathy’s vision to be love in every action to everyone.? She is so passionate about this vision that she travels the United States sharing the love of God on her Be Love Prophetic Tours to people on the streets, in the marketplace and to the homeless.? She firmly believes in loving God loving people, serving God serving people and speaking prophetically into a person’s life to encourage and inspire and give them hope and love.

Be Love Outreach is operated through our?Be Love Outreach Facebook Page.? Operating hours, donation needs and party and free information is posted there. If you would like to volunteer for our community pantry please contact us.

Be Love Outreach in Grandville, Michigan was started after Kathy DeGraw, founder, was invited to come and minister to a group of Christian businessmen.? Kathy was invited there to #belove and found herself leaving so loved upon tears were streaming down her face as she left for the day.? Following that meeting she was in a three day solitude time where the Lord imparted the vision for #belove.

Be Love started by word of mouth and Facebook groups.? It grew rapidly and still continues to expand, especially now since Kathy was awarded Fox 17 News Pay it Forward person of the month for August 2017.

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