Change Into Colorless

Change Into Colorless was founded to break down and bridge the racial divide between all races. As Kathy found herself traveling the United States she knew something was changing inside. ?She could barely talk about the different people in our world without tears coming to her eyes and experiencing the empowerment of the Holy Spirit arise within her. ?On July 21, 2012; when the final piece of revelation was deposited within her, she was ignited to make a difference! ?On November, 2, 2012 Change Into Colorless was launched!

It is Kathy?s hope and dream to bring people around the world together in unity and CHANGE our thinking and behavior INTO COLORLESS. She currently travels ministering among different groups and has been to Ferguson three times to love on people involved in racial tensions. ?Kathy is available to speak at your next multicultural event, community service, church, workplace or any where racism needs to be tore down which is everywhere.

The Mission

To bring all people, all cultures, all races, all nations together in unity. I desire to bridge the racial divide and teach people how to live Colorless in a colorful world. All people were created equally and through unity and love we can work together in the world to break down racism.

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