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Your Keys To Self-Deliverance eCourse

Deliverance through the Holy Spirit will help you get free and stay free! Kathy DeGraw has helped thousands walk through the process of self-deliverance. Now, you can use her nine best self-deliverance techniques to lead you to freedom in the privacy of your home. In this course, you’ll learn to release forgiveness, receive forgiveness, break agreement with the enemy, to cast out spirits, identity and understand the root cause, evict all fear from your life, and cast out demonic strongholds. You’ll also receive deliverance prayer to cast out demons so you get free and stay free!

The Ministry of Deliverance eCourse

Every stronghold be destroyed in the name of Jesus! Are you frustrated with praying and receiving prayer and deliverance ministry but still feel bound by the past? Have you sought out deliverance and pressed through to your breakthrough but still have not received what you are seeking? Receive deep deliverance and ministry empowerment through my Deliverance School. Whether you are seeking individual deliverance or desire to minister in the area of deliverance allow me to empower you and set you free. I’ve trained churches, ministry teams, and individual people around the world with Prophetic Deliverance. Deliverance done Jesus way led by the Holy Spirit. When we use the model Jesus did people are set free and stay free and in return can set others free.

Inner Healing eCourse

Inner healing and deliverance go hand in hand. When you seek inner healing but don’t cast out the correlating demonic spirit, you find yourself struggling with the same issues and not receiving your complete freedom. Frustration can also set in when you don’t get results. In this inner healing course, I’ll take you deep into root causes, discuss legal rights and destroy the strongholds that are preventing your deliverance. You’ll learn how emotional ailments take hold and infiltrate your soul. You’ll discover key entry points and how they manifest, and most importantly how you maintain your freedom. As you complete the course, you’ll be ready to allow the Holy Spirit to provide key prophetic insights that allow you to receive healing and freedom. Then, you?ll be able to minister inner healing and deliverance to others in need.

Destroy Fear eCourse

Fear is trauma. Fear wreaks havoc on your emotions. It lures and draws you into thinking about the very thing you fear. It torments your soul as it grips you from the inside. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, you can gain freedom from the spirit of fear. Behind every fear you have is a lying spirit. There’s also a level of hierarchy to fear that must be understood, rooted out, and destroyed. This course will help you discover how fear entered your mind and gained control. You’ll learn how fear operates in the spirit realm and how to bind the strongman behind fear. The goal of this course is to help set you free and keep you free. I’ll walk you through the necessary steps including self-evaluation and practical application to cast the spirit of fear out of your life along with all its accomplices. You’ve suffered enough. Allow me to help guide you through the process to destroy fear from your life once and for all.

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