How Holy Spirit Can Root Out This Sinful Pattern in Your Life

November 1, 2019

I’m celebrating one year of an A++ on my doctor report and yearly checkup this month, but I could have been receiving a life-long diagnosis. Two years ago, the Lord quickened me to have bloodwork done. I don’t see doctor’s unless absolutely necessary. I put my faith in Dr. Jesus!

Upon getting the results of my bloodwork back, my doctor advised me I was at risk of getting a life-long diagnosis one I did not want one that would follow my records and impact my insurance. The Holy Spirit leading me to get bloodwork done was like receiving a get out of jail free card in the game of Monopoly.

The Holy Spirit had been leading and guiding me for years what to eat and what not to eat. He outlined my meals and was having me clean up my eating, move toward the organic, eliminate GMOs and other food adaptions. I did not have a food addiction; my problem was that I didn’t eat, so my body retained the fat to survive.

As a deliverance minister, I witnessed food addictions in my team, my friends, and in the hundreds of people Jesus had set free through my ministry from food bondage rooted in emotional ailments. The Lord has given me a great compassion and passion for those who are overweight.

I’ve always been drawn to the obese in my meetings and when I do street evangelism. I think when you look into an overweight person’s eyes, you seen nothing but beauty. I think their faces just glow with beauty. However, on the inside and outside, they aren’t feeling that beauty.

I lost 25 pounds in my journey by cutting out gluten and refined sugar. My husband went along for the ride and reduced but didn’t eliminate the culprits and lost 15 pounds.

Why do we as the body of Christ not tolerate pornography, masturbation, alcoholism and drug addictions, but we tolerate food addictions? Sin is sin, and addiction is addiction; one that needs to be rooted out and gutted out for life.

I am burdened for what as Christians we are representing and presenting as a result of our food addictions and obesity. How are we releasing physical healing and emotional deliverance from the pulpit when we are in bondage ourselves? Does it ruin our testimony? Do people not come up for prayer because they judge us?

Why aren’t we as strong Christians or spiritual leaders seeking out our healing and deliverance? Why are we tolerating food addiction and emotional eating in our lives? Why aren’t we looking at our plates and saying, “This isn’t the food God created? This isn’t healthy for our bodies.” Why don’t we care?

Friends, I care. I need you healthy. I want you healthy. The kingdom and the millions of people we have yet to reach for Christ needs your healthy. If you aren’t healthy, you could be taken out before your time. You could be physically disabled. Your medical diagnosis and obesity could inhibit the work Christ has called you to do.

Friends, I’m issuing a plea for you to care, for you to change, for you to turn your situation around as I did. Not only did I turn around a pending diagnosis and hit it out of the ballpark into the normal range, I was also able to get off all blood pressure medicine I had been on for five years.

I turned my life around, but it started with asking the Holy Spirit to convict me of my eating and listening to what the Holy Spirit wanted me to eat. I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to take away the desire for chocolate and to give me a heart to want to exercise. I expected Him to answer my prayers, and He did along with me doing some natural remedies, taking vitamin supplements and learning how I could change my situation with food choices and natural items God created.

It is a heart change. You have to want it. My driving motivation was that I didn’t want the enemy to take me out before my time. I didn’t have a death sentence, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t open the door to unforgiveness and offense, which leads to sickness and disease.

I wanted to make sure I was healthy, so I could continue to be a mom, wife and minister to all you good people. I purposed and determined long ago that I had a kingdom mission to accomplish, and I didn’t want anything to get in my way. I don’t want anything to get in your way either.

Allow me to lead you to food freedom, assist you in fasting and help break emotional strongholds through my Kingdom Fit Fasting and Healthy Eating Tips Facebook Support Group. I also have a six-week e-course coming up beginning Sept. 10 where I will have weekly group phone calls and email assignments to assist you to freedom. Check out the course on my website.

Meanwhile, ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to food freedom, emotional freedom and weight reduction. Take control. Get your life back. Represent and present Christ with all diligence. Come on, I know you can do it. Join me in getting kingdom fit.

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