How Holy Spirit Wants You to Fast

February 18, 2020

Fasting is a term that scares people. It automatically means crucifying the flesh and giving up food. People get scared that their blood sugar will bottom out or that they won’t be able to function physically if they fast.

Yes, there are extreme fasts when you fast on water, liquids or do a Daniel fast that can give your body physical side effects. But have you ever sought the wisdom of the Holy Spirit regarding what and how He wants you to fast?

I know some people have been called to fast social media, electronics or different idols they have established in their lives that need to be broken down and removed. While I don’t want to negate the necessity of some of these fasts for some people, I believe we should also focus on fasting from food and crucifying our fleshly desires.

Fasting can be simple and have lasting health effects on your body. Your fast should be individual and don’t compare what the Spirit of the Lord is calling you to fast from to another person and how they are fasting.

As I said before, we know there are water, liquid and Daniel fasts. But, did you know fasting from certain foods can crucify your flesh, identify health ailments and bring forth physical healings?

I remember years ago I fasted from refined sugar for 40 days. At the end of the fast I went to a healing service and was healed of high blood pressure and was able to get off my medication.

One time I felt the Lord calling me to fast from cheese. I thought, “I don’t eat that much cheese.” Do you realize how much cheese you consume? Cheese is on salads, Mexican and Italian. Did you know statistics show cheese is more addictive than cocaine? I noticed when I did start to eat cheese again my body would work extra hard to process it and I could feel physical manifestations within my body that were negative.

Cheese and dairy are not good for your body. My daughter recently did a 21-day meat fast and when she put meat back in her diet, she discovered that her body doesn’t process beef well and she doesn’t feel well. Now she eats chicken, turkey burger and fish and doesn’t have the same negative reactions in her digestive system.

Fasting when crucifying the flesh always brings us closer to the Lord. We move ourselves out of the way and all of a sudden make what He wants for us more important than what we desire for ourselves.

Along the way, we can discover foods that really aren’t good for our body, allergies to food and physical health ailments that are triggered by the food we eat. I know over the years the Lord has told me to cut out gluten, refined sugar, soy, dairy and other items. Every time I fast, I discover I feel better, the Lord was right, and I learn and grow so much in the things of the Spirit.

Would you consider beginning a fast to focus on the Lord? Would you take some time to pray and ask the Spirit of the Lord to tell you what to fast from, how long and how to fast? I have a fasting-support Facebook group to assist you in fasting and getting kingdom fit. Join my fasting support group here.

Receive additional fasting and healthy eating tips and learn how to break food addictions through my mini ecourse .

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