Are you looking for new depths of prayer?

Activate Your Gift of Prayer

Powerful Prayers & Intercession eCourse

Do you desire to become a prayer warrior for God? Do you want your prayers to be powerful and effective? This course will lead you through a path to unlock the warrior inside you. You’ll learn to pray audibly with power and authority to annihilate the forces of darkness and release Heaven on Earth. You’ll gain confidence in your prayer life and praying for others. You’ll understand how to take authority over circumstances and situations for the glory of God. You’ll see your dreams and desires manifest as you pray boldly before Father God. Your prayers will send angels to flight, set captives free, and bring healing to the brokenhearted.

Release Prayer Declarations with Power & Authority

Audible Prayer eCourse

Audible prayer doesn?t always come naturally. It can be awkward and uncomfortable, but you cannot fight the spiritual realm in your mind. Your prayers must be spoken out loud. There is power when you speak out! Jesus spoke out to heal and deliver. Father God spoke out to create. David cried out, called out and spoke out to God and was heard. The Bible instructs us to speak to our mountain; to call things into existence. There is power in your words. My mini-course will teach you how to declare and decree. You?ll be able to take a word of knowledge or scripture (after submitting it to the will of God for your life) and see it manifest through your prayers! As a special bonus, you?ll receive my personal teaching notes, study questions and declarations. Enhance your prayer time with vibrant, declarative prayers. You will not want to stop praying!

Begin To Hear God’s Voice

How To Hear The Voice Of God eCourse

In this mini eCourse, you?ll learn when you hear from God your life becomes empowered. Confusion leaves as you receive discernment and direction for your destiny. Hearing from God enhances your prayer time, assists you in receiving revelation and destroys the enemy?s schemes against you.

I invite you to take this FREE mini eCourse. If you need help distinguishing the voices you hear or how to tune into God?s voice, allow me to be your guide. God wants you to hear His voice. Are you ready to hear Him?

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