Prophetic Word: 'Stay Connected to the Pipeline!'

Prophetic Word: ‘Stay Connected to the Pipeline!’

April 3, 2019

“Stay connected to the pipeline” were the words that cycled in my spirit as I recently worshiped the Lord. I had an idea of what a pipeline was, but since I was hearing this repeatedly in my spirit I pressed in further for natural and spiritual revelation. I knew the Lord was conveying a message for His people and I was eager to know what He was revealing in this hour.

A pipeline is defined by Webster’s as “a line of pipe with pumps, valves and control devices for conveying liquids.” In my vision, I was seeing a pipeline with pipes and valves coming off of it. I knew the Spirit of the Lord was revealing to stay connected. When we look at this pipeline, we see a correlation to our spiritual walk. The Holy Spirit pumps through us. He is our source to stay connected to. He was revealing that the people of God needed to stay connected to the Holy Spirit.

We need a relationship with the Holy Spirit. He is our Counselor, Comforter, Guide and Friend. (For more names and attributes of the Holy Spirit, see Charisma Media’s Life in the Spirit series, In His Presence Booklet.)

I continued to press into this revelation and the natural definition of pipeline and learned, according to Webster’s, that a pipeline is “a direct channel for information and is a channel of supply.” The Spirit is conveying to us that He is the channel of information, the source of supply. He wants His people to stay connected to Him. So often, we pursue other information sources before going to Him. He can and wants to tell us anything, anytime, if we will stay plugged in and connected; knowing how valuable He is!

When I looked further at Webster’s definition, I discovered a pipeline is “a state of development, preparation or production.” It is defined as “a course of individual advancement or development.” This was about preparation. He is preparing His army for the end-time harvest. He is preparing us for ministry, our destiny and our calling. The Spirit continued to reveal that this pipeline transfers liquids and it can transfer oil. The Holy Spirit is our oil. He releases the anointing to us. My spirit was so excited as this revelation came forth and the Spirit was revealing how a pipeline in the natural correlated with a pipeline in the spiritual. He is going to release His oil through us, His anointing, as we stay connected to Him!

The Lord was revealing to me a few days prior that “knowledge is power.” I kept hearing that in my Spirit, but what the Lord was saying is it is not so much that knowledge is power in the secular world, but that knowledge is power in the Holy Spirit. He wants our pipeline full and connected to Him so that He can flow through it. He was showing me that we need to study the Word of God to receive knowledge and that the body of Christ needs to change their expectations when they go to the Word of God. They need to expect every time they open their Bible they will receive knowledge. The more we fill ourselves up with the Word, the more the Holy Spirit can use us.

I was still reading the definition when Webster’s gave an example of a pipeline in a sentence. “The battle was ultimately lost because the enemy had destroyed our pipeline for resupply.” I couldn’t believe my eyes that Webster’s had this sentence that I could relate to spiritual warfare. I was still in worship, and the weight of His glory was so thick I couldn’t stand, and I was like, “If we don’t stay connected to the Holy Spirit, the enemy is going to destroy us, and we won’t be able to stand.” The Holy Spirit, when we stay connected to that pipeline, teaches and instructs us how to pray and what to pray for. As we start praying in the natural, the longer we pray, He then co-labors with us and gives us revelation of what needs to be prayed. God is giving us the keys to win. The keys are to stay connected to the pipeline! Stay connected to the Holy Spirit.

God is revealing to connect yourself and tap into that pipeline. As I saw a pipeline in the spirit, I saw several connections to the pipeline. We have to make sure we don’t disconnect subconsciously by getting involved in other things, such as participating in ungodly activities or putting other idols in front of the Lord and our God time. He needs us to stay connected to the pipeline, but more importantly we need that constant source of supply that only the Holy Spirit can provide.

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