Understanding the Value of a Prayer Cloth

May 22, 2024

Prayer cloths are powerful tools to use as you wait for the physical manifestation of your healing. These small pieces of fabric are anointed with oil and prayed over in faith by people who believe in God’s promise that healing is the believer’s inheritance.

The woman with the bleeding issue in Matthew 9:20-22 believed in her healing when she touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. Prayer cloths are a point of contact in the same way. Her faith was activated. In one moment, that single touch released the power of Jesus to heal.

Using a prayer cloth as a point of contact combines our faith with the faith of the one who prayed over the cloth. This uniting of faith increases belief for a healing miracle in one’s body.

Prayer and faith impart the power of the Holy Spirit upon the cloth. The Holy Spirit’s presence can literally be felt in a prayer cloth that has been permeated with faith-filled prayer.

In Romans 12:3, we are told that each believer has been given a measure of faith from the Lord. Prayer cloths can help us to exercise and increase that faith. Every time someone lays the prayer cloth on their body, they believe in faith the promise of 1 Peter 2:24, “That by Christ’s stripes (beating) we are healed.”

As a person uses the prayer cloth repeatedly, faith is increased by reflecting on the promises of the Word. It is not the cloth itself that heals. It is the power of the Holy Spirit through the sacrifice of Jesus and the exercising of our faith that heals.

Disease and sickness are from the evil one, and he intends to distract us from focusing on the blessings of the Lord. A prayer cloth keeps our minds on the promises of God. Each time it is used or held in our hands, we are reminded of what Jesus accomplished on the cross for our healing. And we can feel the Holy Spirit’s power flowing through. This helps us continually look to, believe and have faith in God.

Prayer cloths are a biblical concept. In Acts 19:11-12 it tells us, “God worked powerful miracles by the hand of Paul. So handkerchiefs or aprons he had touched were brought to the sick, and the diseases left them.”

Jehovah is the same yesterday, today and forever. If healing was manifested through these prayer cloths in the early New Testament church, this is evidence for them to be used today.

The Holy Spirit is not limited by time or space. The prayers of faith over prayer cloths can bring healing everywhere.


I held my prayer cloth during my mammogram test. – Dee

I ordered your oil for healing with the prayer cloth. I was having excruciating pain in my abdominal area. I wore the cloth over my abdominal area and noticed the pain was gone in a few days. I am completely free of pain. – Angela

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 3 progressive Uterine Cancer. Kathy immediately sent me anointing oil and a prayer cloth that I wore during my surgery. Supernatural things began to happen, coinciding with the number two while I was prepped for surgery. The nurses knew something miraculous was happening. I almost died and shouldn’t have lived. I used a prayer cloth and oil during chemo and radiation and read Kathy’s book Unshackled. These were instrumental in my miraculous recovery! I am now completely healed and cancer free. I share my testimony every chance I get. – Christy

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