You Received a Prophetic Word? Now What?

November 6, 2019

Prophetic words are sought after more than healing or deliverance. We all want to hear from our heavenly Father. We desire to know His plans, purposes and instructions for our lives. We do hear from God. It really is easy. I believe many people don’t realize how easy it is. That’s why I published Who is Speaking? Discerning the Source Infiltrating Your Thoughts.

However, since we don’t realize how easy it is to hear from the Lord, we often seek out prophets for a word from the Lord. But it doesn’t stop there. We get one word, and then we want another and another. We are consistently seeking the prophetic to have the Lord continually give us another word when the first, second or even third words haven’t manifested.

Should we seek another word from the Lord when we have so many unfilled words of the Lord?

Prophecy is in part. The prophet’s responsibility is to deliver the word. Our job is to then co-labor with the Holy Spirit in the manifestation of that word. Christians have been discouraged and frustrated while they have waited for the manifestation of their prophetic words. Some have given up on their faith because the word of the Lord didn’t come to pass.

Prophecy has an action that we have to take to see the fulfillment of that word come to pass. Our part in our word is to research it, discern it and ask the Holy Spirit for instructions on how we are to co-labor with Him to bring it to pass. What character developments do we need to work on in the process? Where do we need to study and grow? Is part of your word about financial increase? Then ask the Holy Spirit for entrepreneurial ideas. Ask Him what you need to do.

We go about seeking a prophet and wanting and desiring yet another prophetic word when we haven’t done anything to try to bring our first words to pass. Why should the Spirit of the Lord keep piling up more and more words when we haven’t done what He first instructed? Prophetic words are encouragements and signposts that lead us to a direction.

Prophetic words should lead us into a seeking time with our heavenly Father. They should draw us to press into Him and discover our role in manifesting the word so that the kingdom can manifest on earth. Ask yourself, “What am I doing to take responsibility for the word that has been delivered to me? Why am I seeking another word when I haven’t co-labored with the first word?”

We have a responsibility to take in the manifestation of our words. We need to diagram and assess that word to make sure it is truly of the Spirit of the Lord. After we distinguish what is of the Lord, we can add a Scripture to that word. Solidifying our words in Scripture is powerful! I then suggest writing a declaration for each line of the prophetic word (see my book Speak Out on writing prophetic declarations). Turn each sentence into a prayer declaration. Praying and asking the Holy Spirit for divine wisdom and revelation regarding your word is instrumental in pulling down this word from heaven to the manifestation here on earth.

God has great plans for you! What are you going to do to manifest them? We can’t sit around waiting for our prophecies to come to pass. We have to co-labor with the very Spirit of God who gave them to us.

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