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Deliverance Anointing

October 6, 2022

My hand has been hot for almost a month now. Manifestations of the Spirit are one of the ways the Holy Spirit speaks to me. The heat has been radiating from my deliverance hand, which tells me there is an anointing for deliverance.

It was interesting the other day as I was speaking to someone about deliverance and it being the month of October. I said, wouldn’t it be cool if we had a deliverance month? I love to pay back the enemy for all the havoc he wreaks on people, and I would love to have a month of deliverance. I don’t think having a deliverance anointing present in October is a coincidence.

Deliverance is the children’s bread and Jesus himself was in the ministry of deliverance. I see great things happening in the next 16 months with the launching of businesses and ministries. We need to receive deliverance so the Lord can use us to manifest His will on earth.

God’s love is deliverance. When we spend time in the presence of God, He will and can deliver us. All it takes is commitment, true desire, and discipline to be with Him.

We are in exciting times as we live out our last days here on earth. Let’s make it a time that we not only receive deliverance but also extend deliverance. Press through to your breakthrough! There is a deliverance anointing this season!

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