Healing from Mother’s Wounds

July 1, 2022

I was worshipping and contemplating mother relationships. I was hearing, live for heaven more than earth. Many people are hurt by parents’ wounds, words that are said, and words they long to hear.

Words hurt, and lack of words can also hurt. Growing up, people said my family was very loving and would always hear my parents tell us, “I love you.” We have carried that down to our children.

However, some words hurt, critical and judgmental, and negative words. How often have you been hurt by your parents’ words and your Mom’s criticism or negativity? Words hurt and are like a dagger deep into your heart

But what about a lack of words? I believe most children long to hear their parents say they are proud of them. Even if they don’t embrace their successes, spiritual lives or endeavors, we still long inside as their child to hear them say they are proud of us.

Let’s face it, some of us will never hear the words we want. We have to turn our expectations around and accept they are incapable of loving that way, unconditionally, purely and positively. We must turn our affections and attentions to Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Our Heavenly Father and Creator are proud of us, and he will say those words in our secret place that we long to hear.

I was recently thinking about a situation on earth where I am waiting for a manifestation of something due to me. I could get offended by the problem. I am entitled to what is owed. (This has nothing to do with my parents.) I was thinking of how to handle the situation because I want this transaction completed with spiritual excellence, honor and as agreed upon. I have constantly been capturing every thought to stay in a good place regarding this situation. It was then the thought appeared to me, live for heaven more than earth. I have done a fabulous thing here on earth regarding this agreement. It has benefited many lives, a ministry and much more. I thought, what if I never get the finality that I want. How do I have peace with it? The thought live for heaven more than earth, and what I have done regarding this will be a huge reward in heaven. Therefore, if I never get the completion here on earth, I will in heaven. I need to live for heaven more than for earth.

When speaking of our moms, I believe we must do the same thing. There are so many people who have been hurt. So many people are waiting for an apology, love, or I’m proud of you. The truth is, I believe many moms are incapable of it. Pride, control, rejection and entitlement keep them in bondage. Specifically, bondage they don’t know they are in. So they keep being unloving, critical, distant and self-centered. They aren’t capable of giving you what you desire, but your Heavenly Father is and will. We need to look to the Author and Finisher, the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and Omega. No one can replace and give you the love that your Heavenly Father can and will if we allow Him and get in that secret place.

Hurting people hurt people, and our mothers will hurt us again and again. However, we can run to the Heavenly Father where He will love upon us. I know many of you long for the love of your Mom. Even though you know you can get it from God, you will want it from your earthly parent. I want to help you have peace and get the healing you need. In my podcast, Prophetic Spiritual Warfare, I have been doing a series on healing from Mother’s wounds. I encourage you to join me in this series.

Additionally, I am hosting an online webinar and a 6-week deliverance follow-up on July 9. You will have replay access, email communication with me, weekly healing and deliverance lessons and video access. Join me so you can have peace in your heart where your mother is concerned. Register at training.kathydegrawministries.org.


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