I am Reviving Dry Bones

October 25, 2019

I was in worship and prayer when I heard the Lord say, “I am reviving dry bones.” I saw the valley of bones. The bones were scattered around.

The Lord continued to say that in the valley, shackles and chains have been broken off; deliverance has been received. You’ve been in the valley, but the valley has been a time of purification.

“I am calling my people to purification. I am calling my people to holiness. I am calling my people to walk in dignity and diligence. I am calling my people to be revived. Your valley experience has not been in vain, and even though I have not caused those valley experiences I can use them for My glory. I can use you for My glory.

“It is time to arise. It is time to take your rightful place and position in the kingdom of God that I have established for you. It is time for your destiny to be released.”

You have been in a time of preparation, but God says, “It is now time to come out of the valley. It is time to arise and walk on the mountain as I have established you to do. You will walk in victory and favor, strength and wholeness. God says, ‘I have a plan for you, an abundant plan. You’ve sought Me with all diligence and now it is time to rise up out of that valley, even for those who haven’t sought Me as they should.”

The valley isn’t always a deep, dark place we’ve been walking in, but any place we aren’t living in the fullness of God. We are designed to live in victory and freedom, so even if it is a pocket, a small area of defeat, it is a valley. A valley doesn’t have to be a deep, dark season, but an area in which we aren’t revived and victorious, receiving divine favor.

I see shackles lying across the valley. Shackles are similar to slave manacles. Your slave manacles have come off. Your defeat mentality is being loosed. You are no longer a slave to the things of the world or in bondage to the enemy.

“My Son, Jesus, defeated the enemy. Get out of your slave mentality. The slave mentality is what keeps you dry. But, when you walk in righteousness, your mind is victorious, and you are more than a conqueror. Your mind helps establish the life I want to give you. You cannot keep your mind in a slave-defeated mentality when I long to give you life.

“I want to reconstruct those dry bones to produce life. It is also dependent upon you renewing your mind and shaking off those grave clothes, which is defeat and victim mentality. I can make you new. I am making you brand new, but in order to complete that renewal, there must be a mind shift. Your mind must align with what I am doing in your soul and spirit man. There must be a co-laboring on the part of your soul, your mind, will and emotions, in order to revive your dry bones.

“I can do the supernatural on your behalf, but you have to do the natural. I need you to co-labor with me and speak and prophesy to your dry bones, to the slave mentality, to defeat and tell them to go. Speak and prophesy over your destiny and your future. Come out of the valley, come out of the dry wilderness, rise up and live! I have much I need you to accomplish for My kingdom. It can’t be done from a place of defeat, but a place of victory. It cannot be done from a place of construction, but a place of reconstruction. Allow me to breathe fresh life on you and as I do, rise up and do your part and walk out of the valley with all diligence.”

I feel a spiritual shift taking place, and we need to align ourselves with the shift. We are approaching Rosh Hashanah next week, and I believe God wants us to enter the Jewish New Year being loosed of our dry bones and walking in a season of victory. We are in a season of preparation. He is preparing us for the next year. Let’s walk into the new year and the new season, prophesying to our dry, dead bones and calling them to live in the victory He designed for us.

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