On a recent episode of “Greenelines” on the Charisma Podcast Network, prophetic minister Kathy DeGraw told Dr. Steve Greene that the Lord revealed to her that He is preparing to free many believers from the bondages and strongholds that enslave them today.

In her prophetic word, DeGraw says God told her:

“Right now what I’m feeling for this audience is the fire of God is about to come upon you in a new and a profound way. He says, ‘I’m getting ready to burn up the impurities in your life those soul wounds, those hardships and those hard times.’ In the spiritual realm, I just hear shackles and chains just breaking off of your life right now. I hear just a great sledgehammer taking those shackles, like those slave manacles, and just breaking them off.

“And what I see is the Lord putting a helmet of salvation on a lot of people. And when you hear that word ‘salvation,’ salvation actually means deliverance, a helmet of deliverance. It’s a helmet of freedom. And what God is saying is that it’s time for the mind-binding spirits, it’s time for the luring in spirits, it is time for the negativity that has plagued your mind, that has bound you and drawn you into the wrong way of thinking, to be loosed from your mind. And God says to you today that there is a renewal coming, there’s a purification process coming. And He says, ‘I am getting ready to do a new and an abundant work in your life.’

“I just see some people just physically speaking out of their mouths, and you’re speaking out life; you’re speaking out words to people; you’re speaking out Scripture to people. And what I see … I see with fire starters, you’ve taken that fire that the Lord has given you, and you’re a fire starter. I’m just seeing a perfect sense of words just coming out of your mouth. And it is changing people’s situations. It is changing their circumstances. Because out of what you speak, you are empowering others. Out of what you speak, you are freeing others.

“Out of what you speak, you are enabling them to be able to go out and do a marvelous work. But also, what I hear is … out of what you speak is setting the captives free. And so, God says to release freely, release abundantly. And He says to you today that you can hear Him, you just don’t always realize how clearly you hear Him. So, don’t doubt the voice of the Lord. It does come into you. And it can speak through you.”

Prayer: Father God, I just ask that you seal that word into people, that you bring it forth, that you just dispatch angels into activation. That the devil cannot kill, steal or destroy one word of that. We call it forth for the listeners today, and we fill it in with the blood of the Lamb and the precious name of Jesus.

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