Identifying Demonic Spirits Collaborating with Fear (Ep. 16)

November 6, 2019

Fear manifests in several ways and can be a struggle in which to receive deliverance. Emotional triggers and demonic strongholds can keep us in bondage. Learn what seven things feed fear as Kathy breaks down each one individually explaining how it feeds fear and how to receive your deliverance.

Spirits associated with fear:

Lying  You hear a thought in your mind that gets you to focus on the fear.

Deception Vain imaginations deceive you into thinking about what you fear.

Mind-Binding  Your mind gets locked down and feels stuck being consumed with what you fear.

Luring  Draw you and seduce you into thinking about what you fear. It is difficult to draw your thoughts back to something positive or good.

Torment  Your mind feels paralyzed and it is very traumatic with the thoughts you hear and false scenarios that run rampant through your mind.

Trauma  Emotional trauma sets in as a part of the torment of fear. Inner healing needs to come forth and time in the presence of the Lord to rest and be refreshed.

Take authority over these additional spirits collaborating with fear not mentioned in this episode: paranoia, paralysis, stress, anxiety, and worry.

Fear can also manifest through fear of rejection, fear of acceptance, fear of poverty, and a number of other fears. Make sure you cast out a spirit of fear so you can conquer all these hindrances in your life.


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