You Deserve Someone to Invest in You and Love Upon You

October 14, 2021

My heart is so full! I had to share this with you! As an Apostle and pouring out you can get drained. But, when God is in the situation it should fill you up and edify you too!

The one thing about mentoring I love is that when it is divinely orchestrated it should edify both the mentor and mentee. I love getting off a phone call or zoom meeting and feeling more pumped up and cranked up than when I got on!

Last night, that is what happened. As one of my students traveled to Michigan for this week’s event I got to lay hands on her after ministering to her online for almost a year. The anticipation for both of us was so great, but the power of God was even greater. As I approached her, God’s glory fell and I had to stop and take a step back and just receive what the Father had for both of us before continuing to impart into her. It was profound and amazing. It is definitely an encounter I will not forget.

You too deserve to be deposited into, loved upon, prayed over and released into your destiny and set free from bonds of wickedness. You deserve someone to invest in you and love upon you. I love my mentees and church attendees. They are my family.

I had expectations for the conference this week, but seeing the raw power of God show up in my office with this woman of God as we worshiped just put my expectations of what God is calling me to do through the roof and the event this week. Every week, I get to be on private zoom webinars, phone calls, converse in email and text messages with my mentees. Every week, I get to pray over my church attendees and release the ministry of deliverance and impart into their lives. I love it. I know it is what God has called me to do.

Stop! And Pray! Do you need a mentor, a church family? The word the Lord is giving me in my mentoring and online church family is to build community and be relational. Is it time you belong to a community or radical believers? I love it as there were five of us texting back and forth last night. Building relationships and friendships. Students are mentees are connecting with each other, chatting on Facebook and text and building community with like-minded believers. I want to encourage you to partner with the Holy Spirit and see if you need to be involved in one of these events, mentorships and community. You deserve to be loved and God is calling me to love on His people.

I hope and pray you will stop, yield and listen to the Holy Spirit for direction. Don’t act or react. Pray and listen! What does the Holy Spirit have for you and how can I possibly be a part of it as He is calling you to be loved and deposited into.

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